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Review: Metal Sound

Self-released Virtual CD

Crushing Axes is a one-man band, created by Alexandre Rodrigues who's coming from Brasil, and through the music of his project, he's exploring the ways of mysticism and Norse mythology. Musical style which Alexandre developing could be described as the mixture of ambiental music, folk rock and death metal, with the little epical influences from Bathory's viking era and some 90's Therion. Material itself is decent, but still much of improvement should be done. Alexandre possess the talent, and he have good ideas tough as in couple of very short songs Alexandre shows good potential in creating of good riffs and headbanging rhythms, but he clearly needs more expirience and practice in shaping of arrangements. Sound of drum machine is very bad, and it just ruins the good vibe which other instruments are creating. Keyboards are playing main role in Crushing Axes music, and there are many nicely put melodies and passages spiced with much of oriental flavor. Keyboard's parts are really stand out on this record, as they make the album to sound much dark, mystical and epic, while guitar riffs and acoustic parts deliver some nice death metal and folkish structures. Folkish influnces that Alex treats here can be relayed on 60's era and on music of bands like Oberon, early Tyrranosaurus Rex and such. When it comes to death metal elements which are mostly visible in treatment of vocals and electric guitars, they are very energetic and fluent, but as I mentioned before, drum machine used in backgound just ruins and drowns that energetic vibe, which affects on material in bad way, and makes him sound pretty much adolscent in approach. Vocals are on death metal terrain, but Alexandre doesn't fear to experiment with clear epic-approach, which suits him pretty much well, as it brings on some Therion/RAHOWA (1995) vocal aura onto surface. Don't get me wrong for mentioning that NS metal Band RAHOWA, but in clear parts Alexandre really reminds a little bit on George Burdi's vocal style mainly present on RAHOWA 2nd and last album. Production is flat, but as this recording is demo format I can close my eyes on that part. All in all, ''Acension of Ules'' is okay,and I really hooked upon on couple of songs, but it still needs much more improvement, which, I suppose will come in time. Best tracks on the album: ''Decay of the Almighty'', ''Flagellated Mind[Feat-Jessica Araujo]'' – which really blow me away, and it's with no doubts the best song on the record, ''Abyss of Death'', ''A Flash of Memories'' and ''Bllodpaint''.

Vladimir Petkovic (6.5)


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