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BushVox Review

Crushing Axes – Ascension Of Ules (2011)

Crushing Axes actually it’s the one-man-band of Alexandre Rodrigues from São José dos Campos, Brazil.
He make annual virtual releases and the albums are always available for download. The lyrics explore themes like Norse mythology and the dark side of the human mind and soul while the music is a mixture of heavy, black, doom and death metal elements with many different other artifacts from folk to traditional and classic music. It’s an interesting and exciting blending of musics and elements, quite unique in a particular sense, Alexandre managed to create his own style and atmosphere.

“Ascension Of Ules” is a nice trip between gloomy and mysterious moments and grinding metal explosions, it has a few very beautiful themes and also some brutal and intense metal twists and breaks, it’s a breathing, colourful and powerful material, it worth to dig it out.
Crushing Axes is quite an exciting project, Alexandre Rodrigues have some interesting ideas and with a little bit better production this project might get much-much further.

Source: http://brushvox.com/2011/07/crushing-axes-ascension-of-ules-2011/

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