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Review ( Tiago - Brazilian Metal Bands ) (English)

Review ( Tiago - Brazilian Metal Bands ) (English)

Particularly, the vocal line presented on the songs isn't my favorite, more into gutural.
But that wasn't a reason for me, to dislike the songs.I really liked the songs of this guy.
I enjoyed it so much that I downloaded the entire discography.
My first impression was a great evolution between the albums.
Apparently there isn't a defined style, but a good mix of various styles.
I would say it sounds more like Death Metal.
The highlight is for "Member Of The Unholy Society", the last album, I really like this one.
It shows a great evolution in his work,you can hear riffs inspired by thrash metal  like in "Hail", "Apocalypse Everyday" and "The Fall".
You can also hear melodic parts, like in the duo "à la Maiden" (typical from the memorable times from "Somewhere In Time"), like in the song "Almost Done".
Well, this is my opinion.
Anyway, for anyone who loves metal, it really worth the shot, specially the last album "Member Of The Unholy Society".
It's important to say that Brazilian bands can produce great songs, with very low resources, like in this case, all albums have been recorded and produced at Alexandre's house.
What really is important, is the creativity, not the production.


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