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ChaosValut Review

ChaosValut Review

Crushing Axes - "Legends"


Crushing Axes's style is completely mysterious in terms of music. However, he wrote
to me, a musician in charge of this one man band with the request to review his latest album.
So with the desire to oblige. Because unlike many editors who are bored, I like news.

And yes, the "Legends" we are dealing with ... hmm .... The entire starting with
the intro is in the style of late Burzum and Summoning. I understand a minute,
one and a half, but what the fuck is that? After this, we go to a proper music. Well, raw sound
I do not repulse this, because here everything's on it though. We are here and slow doom at
some moments of playing, then more vivid heavy / thrash, and a few pieces on a light approach
death metal into a more melodic style. Everything's thrown into the melting pot.
Unfortunately it sounds like a bunch of random tracks. At times
sounds quite like a team of doom metal, stoner hooking up to, and suddenly,
like a mother to the room during intercourse, growl comes with reverb - no I can not
find such a solution. In both cases, hehe. After that Crushing Axes is driving
us to thrash metal minute and in a really nice style (number 5), in another piece
it moves more toward to folk. Oddly enough, the end of this material is quite
simple thrash metal. Unfortunately, adding it all together, it brings us to a countryside wedding
Bigos - thrown everything here, the counting does not capture, like how someone's vodka has leaked. 
It sounds brutal, but Crushing Axes probably does not know if he wants to play death / doom or thrash at the end.

I wish the band well, let him sit down, consider which way to go and pulls more,
let me introduce the rate. Because the two may be good, but only partially . So far
the album stays on average.

Rating: 5 / 10


01. Omen [Pressage Of Battle]

02. Nibelungen [Fafnir..s Blood]

03. Heimdall [Genesis 9;13]

04. Nilfheim [Mistland]

05. Offering Ritual [Blót]

06. Witan With The Creator [The Treasure Of The Frankish Kings]

07. KriegerVerein [The Schleswig-Holstein War]

08. Minnenburg [The Castle Of Love]

09. Lohengrin [The Warrior Of The Swan]

10. Urthel [13th Law Hammurabi..s Code]

Author: Jakub Nowak

Translation: Vilieto 

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