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Review: Blog Discipline Of Steel ( English )

Review: Blog Discipline Of Steel ( English )

Today on Discipline Publishes i have the honor 

to present a phenomenal band, well, actually is 

just one guy playing all the instruments. So, because

for me this kind of art is very interesting, I 

present you: Crushing Axes!!!

Everything begun at the lastfm. Who doesn't know

what is Lastfm is losing time. Considered one 

of the bests social networks on the internet, 

one of the best for promotions, bands in the 

world, even better than myspace. Well, my buddy 

Tiago, a guy who know a lot of music and 

people, told me about Alexandre, the madman 

behind Crushing Axes!

So says Alexandre: One-man-band with no 

financial intention, just share the music with 

the world. Formed in 2008, created by Alexandre 

Rodrigues, Crushing Axes, make annual virtual 

releases. The albums are always available for 

download at no charge.The lyrics explore themes 

like norse mythology and the dark side of 

humans mind/soul.The best genre to describe 

Crushing Axes, it is probably the Death-Metal.

I heard the songs from this guy and i got a

chill under my spine, of course he doesn't have 

tecnologies, lot's of money, or anything to make 

the job easier, but that doesn't matter for 

someone who does something inteligent and 

criative. His songs are very clean, Death Metal 

from the beginning to the end, besides he is a 

great musician, he have a fast and dark way to 


He also have that mystic thing on the lyrics. 

If you like clean Death Metal, fast and full of 

power from the norse gods, i would recommend 

you the Crushing Axes!

Speaking a bit about independent bands, i want 

to say is a great pleasure to post. We have 

great unknown musicians, waiting for a chance 

to show what they love to do: METAL.

Download and enjoy the songs from Crushing 

Axes. Let's make Alexandre happy, and i will 

repeat, you can download everything for free.

Thanks for the links and images Alexandre, i 

hope the DoS can help you through this 

difficult journey.


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