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Lyrics for "Evoking the Power of Chaos"

1 - Lord of Hell

I'm your messiah and your god

Take my hand
No one is lost

What are you useless cunt ?

Bring your neck up

To travel to the kingdom of hell

Hide my true love

Fuck you and your fucked world

Of pleasure and joy

And I'll fullfill my destiny
Spread plague and disease
I'll become the lord of hell

I'll betray and fuck mankind
Those beasts are born to die
Fuck you all

I'm the lord of the dead

I'm a demon I'm satan

Furious as your ever dream

I'm the war you seek

2 - Atra-Hasis

To the rising sun
Seeking life
The flood destroyed mankind
I'm king, I'm a hero
On this endless mirror
Imortality is mine
Born of silence
Enkidu I cannot save you

On the walls
Raging flood

Carved on a stone
Wall of Uruk-Haven
The goring wild bull
Is no match for me
Dream of humbaba
Throwing his corpse on the wasteland

On the walls
Raging flood
Bring me a dream
Of death and blood

On the Hills
No serpent
Will find me
I'm god
I'm hero
On the storm
I'm your shore
I'm more
I'm your lord

3 - The Descent of Inanna

Mistress of heaven with divine powers
Like a dragon you drop venon on the foreign lands
Raining fire on your enemies
Bring the storm ride the beast

At your battle-cry
The enemies bow low
Silence at the terrifying radiance
Watch your own decadence

The threshold of tears is opened
Lacerate your eyes for me
Lacerate Your nose for me

Beat the drums on sanctuary
Inana ascends from the underworld
Bring the dead
Seven jugdes to give the sentence

At your battle-cry
The enemies bow low
Silence at the terrifying radiance
Watch your own decadence

The threshold of tears is opened
Lacerate your eyes for me
Lacerate Your nose for me

4 - Huluppu Tree

When darkness rule the earth
The waters of the sea devoured the bow
of his boat like wolves
Enki, the God of Wisdom
Set sail for the underworld

When the Sky God, An, had carried off the heavens
And the Air God, Enlil, had carried off the earth

On the roots of the world
I stand on the beginning
Bring this rock a meaning
The creation Of the living

I shall bring this tree to Uruk
Holy garden to plant the tree
Then the serpent
who could not be charmed
Dark maid Lilith
built her home in the trunk.

As the birds began to sing
At the coming of the dawn
On his bed the sun god lie upon
Wake up
to decide the fate
of all humanity of all gods

05 - Sheep and Grain

Upon The...
The hill...
An spawned the Anuna gods

Uttu had not been born
No royal turban was worn

The Precious lord
Had not been born
Sheep and grain
Began a debate in the hall

Strong winds scatter
Snakes and Bandits
Creatures of the desert
You should be together

An enemy a slave
From the open country to the hidden place
When his cudgel pounds your face

On your thick legs
they are made to stand separate

Like fire beaten down
Destroyed Destroyed Destroyed

06 - The Beginning of Chaos

When heaven had no name
Earth was nothing, but a wasteland
The primeval Apsu, who begat them,
Chaos, Tiamut,mother of everything

Long were the days,
Then there came forth
Anu, their son
Abounding in all wisdom
He was strong
He had no rival
The great gods
In confusion

Raged and cry aloud
In disorder
Tiamat roars
Their way was evil
Rejoicest my spirit
Lay down before Tiamat
Let there be lamentation
And let us lie down again in peace

Who formed all things
Invicible weapons
Fierce monster poisining their brains

07 - Enki and Summer

Great Land of the universe
Thy heart, unfathomable,
Thy . . .like heaven, untouchable.
Thy decrees, unreachable

The lord, begotten, sets crown on head,
The father of all lands
Sits on the shrine of heaven
Honored lord of a sweet dwelling place

Enki, king of the abyss, decrees the fate
To Ur he came
in the universe has uttered thy exalted name
Hashur-forest, wide shade

08 - The Herds of Nanna

The lord has burnished the heavens;
He has embellished the night
From the turbulent mountains
He is able to provide

Mighty One
Trusted One
Of Enlil
Youth god
Of living

Take this herds and multiple
Great lichor of the mountain
Alcoholic drink for the king
Huge scream of the fountain
They give praise to the lord singing
Holy cow for the glory of the living
The holy cows of Nanna
cherished by the youth Sue
Be praised!

Enlil whose word is true
Speaks with him day and night
and in decision
Determinates the fate with him

09 - Humankind

The normal order
The lord whose decisions cannot be altered
Enlil quickly remove heaven from earth
So that the seed, from which the nation grew
Could sprout up from the field;
So that the earth could grow humankind
He organized the tasks, the pickman'ns way of life

Enlil Sang
He drove his pickax into the earth
In the hole wich he had made was humankind

Build cities
To prosper
Rebels against the king
It's fate is descreed by fater Enlil
The pickax is exalted
The pickax and the basket
When daylight was shining forth
While people of the land were breaking thorugh the ground

10 - Assez Causé

Isn't this shit all the same ?
Eternal deja vu
What a shame !

Nothing new about that
Ready for combat
Lost in a labyrinth like a rat

Is there something to believe ?
Everything is a cheap copy
Everything is shit

Asses causé
Asses causé

Is there something to believe
Everything is a fucking deceive
Everything is a whole bunch of shit

Where's your imagination ?
Can't you create a different version...
Of the creation ?

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