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About the Lyrics ( Evoking the Power of Chaos ) English

Hail !
I released an album last year, Evoking the Power of Chaos, and I want to make a post explaining the lyrics a little better, the inspirations and etc...

1 - Lord of Hell
This is the easiest one, the song is based on Nergal. The song is also based on a love story of Nergal and Ereshkigal.

2 - Atra-Hasis
A flood destroying mankind isn't a new idea at all, and Atra-Hasis may be the very first. This song is based on the Akkadian Epic of Gilgamesh.

3 - The Descent of Inanna
Ok, so I stole most of this lyrics from the Akkadian Princess/Priestess Enheduanna. I ripped her off merciless, and most of the lyrics have a huge inspirations or her hymns.

4 - Hulupu Tree
Same thing as "Atra-Hasis", this myth is basically the same as Yggdrasil. And you find "copies" of this myth in many different cultures.

5 - Sheep and Grain
The song is based on the sumerian myth Sheep and Grain, also known as Myth of Cattle and Grain written on clay tablets in the mid to late 3rd millennium BC.

6 - Beginning of Chaos
I also ripped off parts of Enuma Elish, the babylon creation myth.

7 - Enki and The Summer
Based on the sumerian myth of the creation, Enki is the god of wisdom.

8 - The Herds of Nanna
"The Herds of Nanna" is a babylonian prayer.

9 - Humankind
Based on "The Creation Of The Pickax", also part ot the creation myth.

10 - Assez Causé
I always thought Fiódor Dostoiévski was overrated, I thought it was something for snoobs and people that pretend to read. I think 5 pages was enough to change my mind. The guy is a freakin genious ! There isn't words to describe how good is "Crime and Punishment", and the idea of Assez Causé é based on his work, you can basically translate as "Enough Talking".
As you may see a lot of myths and ideas are very old, and you may find different versions on most cultures, the song is also about the lack of new ideas to make people believe they're going to hell.

I just wanted to explain the lyrics a little better, so don't be a lazy bastard and read the lyrics !

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