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Letras/Lyrics (2011) - Ascension Of Ules

1 - Decay Of The Almighty

I'm falling from eternity
Banned from my sanity
Is this my only destiny
My elegy

Embrace your punishment
And learn from your mistakes
One day you may return
Seek the wisdom
At this land
You shall remember nothing

Am I a victim of my own

Lost memories
Blurry dream
Can't remember anything

What's life after all ?
Will I survive the fall ?
And return to face my enemies

Chaos disorder panic slaughter
I've found my place
To spread hate
To spread disgrace
Killing the bastards
Exterminate the race

Corruption and greed will be the seed
To the new world full of destruction

Hell isn't far.

2 - Awakening

My first steps on earth
The wisdom of gods reduced to dust

Slave to the flesh
Am I paying for sins of the past.

3 - Long Way to Nowhere

Close your eyes and walk in the sand
Who once was a god now is a man
Shall bow to fear and hunger
To suffer as mankind the god must be alive.

4 - Journey Through The Dark

I crossed the desert
Seeking my soul
I fought with honour
Until the fall
Many men lived
Many men died
I'll open the skies

No fear in your mind
Don't think about tomorrow
Hell and pain, terror combined
I'll lead and you'll folow

Walk away
Because we're not affraid

Living for war
is to die in grace
Embrace your death
The weak has no place
Forget your fears
And grab the weapons
Let's make them run forever

Deep in your soul
You know
You're made for this
You live
To kill

5 - Abyss Of Death

When I wake up in the morning
And all pain is gone
I hope no one is by my side
I'm where i belong 

Choose your paths carefully 
Your future is about to come
You can't run forever 
From your destiny

I can stay here forever
Facing the darkest true
If I could only remember
Perhaps I won't be alone

Should I give up and forget the fight
I never felt so alone
I just can't see the light
Am I the only one

How can this world be right
I can't understand at all.

6 - Misanthropy

I spit on your face - society
Where kids are raped by priests
And elderly are treated like shit
There's no hope for mankind
The only choice is extermination
Complete annihilation
The world will never find peace
Until these broken pieces
Of this deformed puzzle are finished
There's no time to lose
The killing shall begin now

This rotten mankind
It's completely lost
Without a cause
All the good men are gone

There is no war
Just cowards crawling on the floor
Weak mankind
Gather together to die

I see terror in your face
There's no hiding place
No future for mankind
It's time to die

The world is full of lies
The fountain is dry
No one can deny
This is the end.

7 - Flagellated Mind

For the hate or love
You won't be there anymore
And the rain will fall
Washing your and soul after all
One last goodbye to life
You had enough of fight

Once you were young
Now, the time has passed
Take the final step

Everything is all right
Don't mind about your life
It's the eternal rest
The final step at last
In your mind no fear
Because the end is near

So long was your journey 
Through the ancient times
Even a god have to say goodbye
No more betrayers or tricks of life.

8 - Bloodpaint

This is the final stand
Fight men, fight under my command
You came from hell

There's nothing to lose
Fight until death
There's no truce

Death is coming
No return

Fight like a brave
Send them to the grave

Redemption will meet you
On the other side
Night after night
we waited to fight

Now it's time 
to make things right
let's make the sinners 
Pay with their lives

No surrender
Kill the defender
Raise some hell
No fatal wound
Will stop me
I'll be out of my shell

Ready to die 
Leaving the mortal life
Fight and kill
Die with honour

This is my last breath
Enjoy life
Drinking to death
I'll see you all in hell

9 - Flash Of Memories

Now I remember everything
The bastards banned me 
And made me insane.
I'll come back 
And slay them all
You'll burn in hell.

I'm coming back home at last,
If you want to defeat me, 
Try your best.
There's no match for me 
You're as good as dead
As soon as I get back.

I wasted time
Searching for a lie, 
The answer is in the sky.
So many years have passed
I'll get my revenge
At last.

Time's up
For you betrayers,
No one shall escape
I'm a god slayer
I'll end this failure.

I'm back to kill you all.

10 - The Return ( Invading The Garden ) 

The same mistake perpetuated
I hear the snakes
Whispering in my mind

Morality has faded
I want to fight
But an animal lives in me

This is so hot 
This is so good
I wanna be inside you
What the hell is going on ?

The real life is complicated
It's hard to resist
Temptations by my side

The purity is overrated
What you do with your life
It's not my problem at all.

11 - Sweet Killing 

No, no remorse
For those who have failed
Pain is not enough
I've lost my trust
You'll be crushed
Under my axe
The future is black.

I got rid of the curse,
No god shall return
To this temple of lust.
I'm the one
Eternity is mine
Alone in my throne.

12 - Last Consideration ( Vazio )

O sorriso intrépido descansa na face vazia
Vazio é o ser sem energia
Movendo-se por natureza
A única certeza é a noite após o dia

Não há razão nem alegria, a felicidade é uma regalia
Que atormenta a mente tola
De uma jarra vazia
Que não entende o significado da vida

Como é fácil esquecer a solidão, pobreza
Principalmente a tristeza
Quando se tem um meio de distração

O povo sem memória
É a escória 
De uma nação

Assim a carne putrefata
Aceita contente o ceifador
Após os flagelos
Em um universo paralelo as cordas
Tocam outra sinfonia

Completa-se então a epifania.

Muito embora eu já tenha agradecido diversas vezes, devo agradecer novamente a Violeta que além de rever e sugerir também corrigiu os inúmeros erros de gramática, quem quiser pode conferir o blog dela aqui:

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