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Gledson Gonçalves ( Undead Warrior ) ( Drummer ) (English)

So...now it's time to talk about Gledson, I remember back in the 90´s I used to play in festivals, and at one of those festivals it's when I first met Gledson, he and his band Primal Rage share the stage with us and it was the first time I saw a brutal death metal band, at that time the heaviest thing for me was Sepultura Chaos A.D. Jairo Rocha who used to be the lead guitar on his band also adjusted my guitar for the Undead Warrior album.
Born in 1972 in the city of Cruzeiro - SP, Gledson began to study drums as self-taught and received excelent reviews from magazines and websites such as: Rock Brigade, Roadie Crew, Dynamite, Kerrang, Iron Pages.
He's one of the best drummers I've seen, very talented, a nice guy and an awesome musician, he's great part of the album "Undead Warrior", he's really a magician on the studio.
There are too many works to mention, but we can name a few: CBS, Academia de Dança Cristina Cará, Studio Déborah Valério, Cia Arranha Céu, Solange Argon.
He's also a teacher on I.M.M. – Instituto Moderno de Música.
Gledson also worked as a freelancer musician, his latest works:

CDS: PRIMAL RAGE - “Biennium” (1998) / “Promo CD” (2001)
SMEDLEY - “Clássicos do Rock e Blues” (2000)
SONORA - “Promo CD” (2009)
CLOWN - Shadows” (2010)

DVDS : CLOWN - "Live In The Shadows" (2009)
DANI MONTUORI - “Live …Blues & Jazz” (2012)

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